“Acupuncture Clinic” Is Actually A Misnomer

It’s not a clinic, but a school. “Acupuncture Arvada” is a legitimate acupuncture and Chinese medicine-based health clinic located in Arvada, Colorado. We provide:

Relaxed environment. Our spacious facility provides a comfortable, relaxing environment for our clients. Our friendly, courteous staff is available to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have during your visit. We strive to make our client’s stay a pleasant one, while giving them the information they deserve. All of our doctors and staff have received specialized training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. If you have any reservations or concerns, we suggest that you contact us before seeing our doctor.

Selection of doctors. Choosing a doctor and Acupuncture Clinic in Arvada, Colorado is extremely important because this is where you will receive treatment from a qualified, licensed acupuncturist. Your primary care physician should also be a part of your health care team, just as he/she would with other health care professionals, such as an eye doctor, pediatrician, gynecologist, etc.

Variety of treatments. We offer a variety of different treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Holistic Therapy. Our doctors strive to offer our patients the safest and most effective treatment available.This is 303 386 3559 done through a systematic approach that is similar to a conventional Chinese medicine approach. We offer the latest technology in traditional Chinese medicine and holistic therapies. For instance, Acupuncture Clinic in Arvada utilizes the exact same exact types of needles and laser treatments that are used in Chinese medicine.

Variety of treatments. As mentioned above, Acupuncture Clinic in Arvada is located within walking distance to many of the finest schools in Colorado.This gives our patients many more options when Colorado it comes to their healthcare. Many of our clients also come to us because they are interested in receiving herbal medicine treatments as well as traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Acupuncture Clinic Arvada gives our clients the opportunity to try various types of herbal remedies and treatments.

Education and training. As mentioned above, Acupuncture Clinic in Arvada is part of an ethical standards network called the International Acupuncture Association.The IAA supports the use of United States of America acupuncture and other alternative medicines in order to promote optimal health. Therefore, the clinic offers educational and training programs to its clients regarding the proper procedures and the application of these types of therapies.

Professionalism. Acupuncture Clinic Arvada is operated by a team of competent and experienced professionals. Unlike other health care clinics, Acupuncture Clinic Arvada caters its clients to not only health care professionals but also individuals who are interested in learning more about acupuncture and other forms of alternative therapy. Many of our clients are students who are enrolled at a college or university in Colorado. Acupuncture Clinic Arvada is not associated with any school or University.

Experience. The staff at Acupuncture Clinic Arvada are all professionals in their fields. They understand the value of providing quality and comprehensive care to our clients. Therefore, we always take time to discuss each individual case with the best-qualified medical doctor present on site. We are confident that, working alongside our doctor, our client will receive appropriate acupuncture treatments that are tailored to meet his or her individual needs.

Knowledge. Unlike most health care centers, Acupuncture Clinic Arvada invites patients with a variety of educational backgrounds. This helps us in providing the best and highest quality services and acupuncture treatments. Whether it’s a student in an education program, a working individual, or someone who just wants to learn more about Chinese medicine, we invite them for acupuncture related consultations.

Knowledge about the treatment plan. A consultation with your family doctor can give you a good idea about what kind of treatment plan would be best for your particular health condition. We believe that our client should have the freedom to choose what he or she wants to do – whether it’s going to be acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medical treatment, etc. In addition to that, you and your doctor should be able to fully discuss your medical history before starting the acupuncture treatment plan.This way, you can be sure that you are getting the exact treatment plan that will Rocky Mountain Acupuncture address your unique health problems without any conflict between your medications and the healing therapy.

We welcome all patients who are willing to receive the health Arvada care services of Acupuncture Clinic Arvada. If you are having a consultation right now, or if you already have a consultation appointment scheduled with one of our professionals, we are happy to see you. We are committed to providing quality Chinese herbal medicine treatment and other health care services to help our clients along with their lifestyle and dietary changes. Please contact us right now to set up an appointment with a licensed Acupuncture Clinic Arvada healthcare provider who can treat your health conditions with Chinese herbal medicine

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Acupuncture Clinic Is Actually A Misnomer