About Us

About Pharmacist Rick Pack

Rick is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to natural alternatives to conventional medicines. And if you have diabetes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better expert to help you. Rick can give you a complete education on blood sugar monitoring, diet, and lifestyle. Want better insight on your specific health issues? Rick offers a free 15 minute consultation. Just make an appointment (phone us at (434) 352-7161), give Rick 15 minutes, and you?re on your way to feeling better.

In 1969, H. Broderick Pack III R. Ph opened Appomattox Drug Store for business in Central Virginia. This family business has consistently grown over the years to a facility serving 5 counties in Central Virginia.

Over the years our customers have come to rely on us to help them feel better and stay healthy. We?ve become a trusted source for information and solutions to improve your health. When you absolutely, positively, want to feel better, we encourage you to visit us and talk with Pharmacist Rick Pack about your health concerns.

Welcome to Appomattox Drug Store. We’ve been helping folks find what they need and feel better for over 35 years. And we’ve done it all in the same location at 800 West Confederate Blvd in historic Appomattox, Virginia.

We’re really not your typical drug store. In today’s world of quick information and decisions, we believe in taking time to build solid relationships that benefit us all. Pharmacist Rick Pack and our knowledgeable staff want you to feel better right now. That’s why we offer natural medicines, alternative therapies, health equipment and the best diabetic supply selection in Virginia.

Oh, and did we mention we carry Hallmark cards. And we have a Gift Shoppe where you’ll find that perfect something for any occasion.

Natural Medicines                     

If you have health issues that conventional medicine has failed to resolve, you owe it to yourself to find out about all the natural alternatives. Most have zero side-effects and many even out-perform typical over-the-counter medications.

We carry a vast array of the best in natural medications and all reasonably priced. Pharmacist Rick Pack is ready to talk with you about taking better control of your health without side-effects or drug interactions.

Diabetics Supplies

We own and operate on of the top ranked diabetic supply sources on the internet and in North America. Our Diabetic Drug Store is designed to make the diabetic lifestyle easier. We’re recognized by the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Portal and Children with Diabetes organizations. Our store in Appomattox has the most complete diabetes supplies available in southeast Virginia. Also from our store in Appomattox, we service the entire United States. You’ll find:

  • Diabetic foods
  • Medical alert jewelry
  • Lancets, strips and monitors
  • Specialty shoes for the diabetic
  • Sugar-free cookies and candies
  • And many other diabetic specialty items

Everything you need along with a little advice from Rick.